What is Biodynamic Psychology?

Established by the Norwegian clinical psychologist and physiotherapist Gerda Boyesen, Biodynamic Psychology understands humans as comprised of body, mind, and soul. As a treatment method for somato-psychological issues, Biodynamic Psychotherapy was developed based on biodynamic psychology and depth psychology. According to Biodynamic Psychology, unresolved emotional cycles that present themselves as stress and tension can be released and dissolved directly on the level of the body. Although often, an integration at the conscious level is helpful, it is not always necessary for improvement. The digestive system literally digests emotions as well. In that sense, re-establishing health is a self-regulatory mechanism our bodies are equipped with that just needs help in the form of the right impulses from the outside. G. Boyesen developed massage techniques to assist in this process of self-healing. The biodynamic work is guided by the use of a stethoscope that gives voice to the body’s resonance to touch and helps discover tensions and blockages due to unresolved emotional experiences stored in the body. The work is based on a humanistic concept and combines bioenergetic bodywork, the work with images, and an organically connected way of speaking from the body, in order to restore the natural flow of energy within the body.


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