A Body-Centered Approach to Freeing the Mind

The body is the key to doors to our inner selves that are inaccessible to the mind. Our bodies store our experiences and are directly connected to our unconscious self. There is wisdom there that we often lack when trying to solve problems with our analytical mind alone. Thoughts can be deceiving, making us believe we know the truth when we are only reproducing what we were once told. Whenever emotions are involved, rational problem solving strategies fall short of finding satisfactory and healthy answers. This is why asking the body often brings us much further than dwelling on endless chains of thought. In the meantime, the mind is free to attend to what it is best at.

A Mindful Approach to Becoming Alive in the Body

Mindfulness and the awareness of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations allow us to stop being run by the past. This gives us freedom of choice and self-empowerment because we can react to the present moment, instead of to something that happened to us in the past. True aliveness is based on spontaneity and flexibility to act according to our true inner needs and feelings and to express ourselves through the body. We need mindfulness to perceive what our bodies communicate to us and to give us the necessary detachment from immediate physical reactions and conditioned responses. Only when mindful, can we dare to fully feel and sense the emotions accompanying our experiences within the body.


Physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being are interconnected. We therefore integrate working directly on and with the body, exploring thoughts and emotions, as well as systemic aspects, into a holistic approach.


The body is a resource to better sense, understand and regulate oneself, one's needs and one's emotions. It is the key to those aspects of the self that are verbally inaccessible.

Emotionally Regulating

Emotions are what moves us and our lives. By sensing and experiencing them more consciously in the body, we can often arrive at a better understanding and a more differentiated expression of them. This process facilitates dealing with difficult emotions.


By means of establishing a trustworthy relationship and employing directed touch and somatic exercises, we influence the autonomic nervous system and create a sense of safety in the body. The possible consequences of traumatic events are identified and considered in the process.


The principle of neuroplasticity indicates that it is possible to rewire the neurons in our brain by means of processing new experiences and sensations, as well as new chains of thought. This occurs whenever we feel safe and connected, and when both the body and the mind participate through various sensory channels.



Body awareness


Embodiment of emotions


Directed touch


Bodily expression


Verbal integration

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Biodynamic Mind-Body Therapy


sessions in presence

90 - 120 minutes

price per session €120 - €150

  • process-oriented and usually open-ended
  • works with past experiences as stored in the body and their effect on the present
  • with a focus on physical manifestations and bodily expression
  • includes unconscious processing through therapeutic touch
  • suited if you are uncertain where the problem originates or if you want to generally improve physical and mental well-being

Biodynamic Mind-Body Therapy combines elements from Biodynamic Psychology with embodiment and different coaching methods into a holistic, body-oriented, emotionally regulating and trauma-sensitive approach to health and psychological well-being.

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Please note that Biodynamic Mind-Body Therapy neither provides medical diagnosis or treatment, nor does it offer psychotherapy according to the German Psychotherapy Act (PsychThG). Sessions are held in presence in Berlin and last 90 - 120 minutes. Please contact me to make an appointment.

integrative Mind-Body coaching


sessions online & in presence

60 - 120 minutes

price per session €100 - €150

  • goal-oriented and usually of a pre-determined duration
  • works primarily in the present moment with a vision of desirable changes for the future
  • with a focus on finding clarity, body awareness and mindfulness
  • centered on self-efficacy, self-responsability, and proactivity
  • suited for specific issues or goals

Integrative Mind-Body Coaching combines embodiment with (self-)directed touch and different coaching methods into a holistic, body-oriented, emotionally regulating and trauma-sensitive approach to health and well-being.

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Sessions can be held either online or in presence, or as a combination of both. Online sessions last 60 - 90 minutes, sessions in presence 90 - 120 minutes. You can book your online session below or contact me for an appointment in one of my coaching spaces in Berlin.

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