If you are looking for inner growth and transformation, I invite you to pursue self-reflection based on a sound sense of living in the body. I believe it is through the connection between body and mind that we overcome and re-evaluate our belief systems and patterns of reacting to the world.


The body is a valuable resource in unveiling attachments that prevent inner growth. It can also be our guide when exploring our true identity, goals and values, in establishing clarity and finding meaning.


This may be the right approach for you if you want to:

  • find more meaning and a clearer direction in life
  • understand yourself better and know your personal values
  • dissolve inner blockages that keep you feeling stuck
  • understand and transform automatic patterns of reacting
  • take more responsibility for your life

We can work on finding inner transformation in presence in the context of Biodynamic Body Therapy and Integrative Coaching or through this one-on-one 6-month online program:


Finding inner transformation

6 month program to find inner transformation

18 hours of coaching for €1200 in total

Somatic exercises and systemic coaching methods are used in an integrative way to accompany you on your individual path in the direction of what makes life meaningful for you. This includes optimizing the energy level of the body, redistributing its energy and using exploratory language to voice your own truth.

How this program is structured:

  • 12 online coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, held every other week
  • 12 short intervention sessions of 30 minutes, held in between
  • Somatic exercises and coaching assignments to explore at home and integrate into your life

Wondering if this is for you?

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