When we connect to the body, we awaken and deepen our vitality. While the mind conceptualizes and brings about attachment to the past or the future, our bodies are more connected to the physical reality around and inside of us at the very moment.


A disconnection from the body can bring about excessive thinking, making us inactive and reactive. When working at intensifying our vitality, instead, we intend to become proactive. We set out to create a sense of power and self-efficacy. Our energy levels increase as we awaken the spontaneous and playful energy we once knew as children. We can then direct our energy towards the goals we have, bringing our life out of the mind and into reality, fostering a sense of responsibility for our actions.


When connected to our vital selves, we not only live in our minds. We manifest ourselves in physical reality.


This may be the right approach for you if you want to:

  • increase vitality and life energy
  • strengthen the body’s resilience and overall health
  • discover and learn to communicate needs and feelings
  • increase self-efficacy and your ability to respond to situations
  • establish boundaries and clarity in speech

We can work on increasing vitality in presence in the context of Biodynamic Body Therapy and Integrative Coaching or through this one-on-one 2-month online program:

Increasing Vitality

2 month program to increase your vitality

6 hours of coaching for €480 in total

In this program, I accompany you in discovering how to energize your body through body work that liberates your inherent life force. We look closely at what comes in the way of you expressing yourself spontaneously. You learn to establish communication with your body by working with images and sensations. You become aware of how your body expresses its needs and how these translate into feelings and emotions. Once aware of them, we want to practice translating them into action and verbalizing them clearly. Responding to your needs increases resilience as you no longer invest energy in behaviors that are out of line with your inner core. You discover how to tap into the deep source of energy inside of you.

How this program is structured:

  • 4 online coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, held every other week
  • 4 short intervention sessions of 30 minutes, held in between
  • Somatic and movement exercises to practice at home and integrate into your life

If you have any doubts or questions,

please feel free to contact me!