"When every feeling is meaningful, and all meanings are fully felt, then the neurotic chain is broken that splits the body from the mind." 

David Boadella

In experiencing life, body and mind form an inseparable unity, constantly interacting and influencing one another. Yet, we often identify too much either with the physical reality of our bodies or with our thoughts. When we are not mindfully and bodily aware of the ongoing inner communication between these two inherent elements of our selves, our reactions to life become static. Past experiences stored in our physiology keep affecting how the body perceives and expresses itself in the present moment whenever they have not been resolved. Or the mind takes off on its own, trying to solve problems that cannot be tackled by means of thoughts and analyses. We may feel possessed by ruminating thoughts or limiting emotions, such as anxiety and depression. We may become easily stressed or exhausted and overwhelmed by life's challenges. We may feel disconnected, like strangers in our own bodies. Our bodies may develop ailments or chronic pains. More so, the connection to ourselves gets reflected in our relationships with others and affects how we deal with the world.

Mind - Body Therapy & Coaching

...can help you...

  • experience relaxation and equanimity through self-regulation
  • activate resources in times of crisis and re-establish balance within
  • improve the communication with your body and develop a more mindful way of dealing with it
  • feel safe and more comfortable in your own body
  • reduce tensions and postural problems as well as the accompanying pain
  • resolve blockages in the body and integrate stored negative experiences
  • strengthen your self-efficacy in respect to health issues
  • alleviate health problems with no identifiable medical cause
  • change the way you deal with stressors
  • nourish feeling connected to yourself and to others
  • develop a way of handling your emotions that is conducive to health
  • express your vitality and feel more alive
  • gain clarity in terms of your values, needs, and goals
  • find a self-determined, authentic and coherent orientation in life

Mind - Body Therapy & Coaching works with Biodynamic Body Therapy and Integrative Coaching, based on a holistic mind-body approach. It helps you explore and deepen the contact with the body. You get in touch with its inherent vitality by sensing and making sense of what goes on inside. You employ the imaginative mind in order to deepen understanding. Somatic exercises help tap into and release memories stored in your body. You move from sensing and imagining to body expression and verbal integration, with the ultimate goal of regulating both, body and mind. Find out more about the approach...


BIO-DYNAMIC refers to life and movement. Living beings move spontaneously and joyfully. We all know how it is to feel alive by being in motion. The meaning of movement in mind-body work is manifold: moving the body through space, moving energy through the body by clearing mental and physical blockages, expressing ourselves through the body's movement and by projecting our voice outward, letting our breath (that which brings us to life) move freely through all the segments of the body, sensing the emotions (that which moves) inside the body, embodying them so that they can move us and move through us.


A state of physical health and mental well-being can be understood as energy flowing through the body freely, when cells are able to communicate with each other across the organism. By restoring this flow of life energy when it has become stuck, energy is liberated and available to us, our bodies are able to self-regulate and we develop naturally towards an expression of our authentic selves. Being in motion means being vital, feeling balanced, and following inner transformative processes:


Increasing vitality by connecting more to the body in the here and now, clarifying needs and developing self-efficacy in pursuing them. Know more...


Re-establishing balance and equanimity by feeling more at ease in the body, developing resilience and finding ways of dealing with stress and overload.

Know more...


Discovering core values, re-assessing belief systems and overcoming conditioned patterns of behavior by a process of inner transformation.

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