Organic life strives towards balance. When we have come too far on one side of the spectrum, we naturally tend to swing back towards the other side. Likewise, our nervous system vacillates between activity and rest.


If we disconnect from our body and our natural rhythm, we may become overly active, creating stress, pressure and constant tension while failing to wind down again. When we have entered an ongoing or extreme state of perceived stress, the result is often a state of chronic fatigue and passivity that leaves us at the other end of the continuum where moving towards activity seems impossible or leaves us feeling drained.


This may be the right approach for you if you want to:

  • improve self-regulation
  • release fears, feel more calm and balanced
  • increase your capacity to (re)act in challenging situations
  • understand the body’s language and establish communication between mind and body
  • feel more at home in the body

We can work on re-establishing balance in presence in the context of Biodynamic Body Therapy and Integrative Coaching or through this one-on-one 4-month online program:


Re-Establishing Balance

4 month program to re-establish balance on all levels

12 hours of coaching for €880 in total

On the path of restoring balance, you explore techniques to tap into the body’s natural propensity for balance. You discover how to bring the nervous system activation away from high arousal or shutdown and back to a state from where activity is spontaneous and flexible. A central aspect is to strengthen your awareness of the here and now as well as to release and find a way of being that allows you to truly connect to yourself and to others. All balance in life starts with feeling at home in the body.

How this program is structured:

  • 8 online coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, held every other week
  • 8 short intervention sessions of 30 minutes, held in between
  • Breathing and vagal toning exercises to practice at home and integrate into your life


For further information,

just write me a message!